Proposed Outside Supplier Detail

Please Note : UrbanTREE is a fully functional Party and Banqueting Venue with its own Food, Beverage and related Service departments and supply and does not allow outside suppliers in these disciplines. Further to this there are certain suppliers that we have enjoyed working with for we feel that they too have come to both enjoy and respect our venue and space - we thus do reserve the right of first refusal with regards who may supply and or work within the venue. Finally, LOUDFIRE is the only Temporary Structure / Marquee / Tent Supplier Authorised to work at the Venue for obvious legal, liability and risk mitigation reasons.

SetBuild Supplier Name :
Decor Suppliers Name :
Furniture Supplier Name :
Florist / Stylist Supplier Name :
1st Technical Supplier Name :
2nd Technical Supplier Name :
3rd Technical Supplier Name :
l4th Technical Supplier Name :

Artiste or Entertainment Supplier Name ONE :
Artiste or Entertainment Supplier Name TWO :
Artiste or Entertainment Supplier Name THREE :
Electrical Certification Supplier Name :
Structural Engineer Certification Name :
Security Supplier Detail :
Other Supplier ONE :
Other Supplier TWO :
Other Supplier THREE :