Food and Beverage Brief

We at UrbanTREE have invested in some amazing service and style elements as well as some highly versatile kitchen gear and equipment, we hand pick and train all our own staff in all disciplines and for unique skills we partner with strategic suppliers. One such area that we have primarily partnered in, is in the Kitchen, with the highly talented team from Fresh Catering and have now been able to build up quite a repertoire of magical food experiences to date to share with you and your guests. On another Important note, we have chosen not have an on-consumption liquor licence as we do not want to handle cash on premises and unfortunately thus cannot sell liquor for cash. All Event Beverages are supplied and Served purely on a Sale and Return Basis, ie a Stock is signed in before the start of an Event and what is leftover is signed back out at the end and the Final bill becomes the Consumption in between.

Food Brief Detail :
Please if possible supply detail such as : How Many for Breakfast, Teas & Coffees, Lunch, Evening Cocktails, Canapes, Dinner, Floating Supper, Late Night Fillers and or Sweetie Bars and the likes. Any Dietary Requirements and most importantly your vision for the Food Experiential and the timings and flows on the night. We will supply some Basic Menus to Start, however we have found that we have Custom Designed each menu to date with each events unique requirements in mind.

Beverage Brief Detail :
Please if possible supply detail such as : What Drinks you would enjoy serving, what time you would like to start and what time you would like to call last rounds, what you would like to serve when and by whom and where in the room you would like them served. Also we will supply you our standard drinks list from which to choose as well as a Cocktail List of what we have made recently that turned out to be really popular and successful. We will also suggest some stunning good value for money local wines and help you with making you Bar and Drinks experiential fun and enjoyable.

Crew Catering Brief Detail : (if any)
This is not always necessary, however if you have crew catering requirements then please supply any of the following detail : how many and at what preferable mealtimes and or service times, what level of supply and service required and for what durations and on what days, etc

Other Brief Detail : (if any)
Anything else that will better alow us to supply the service and experiential both you and your guests would like to enjoy.